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Stephen Arnold

    I'm a certified acupuncturist, specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

   I grew up in rural Nova Scotia, outside Truro.
   After I finished high school, I travelled to  Asia with Canada World Youth, came home, worked on a milk truck and in a Chinese restaurant.
   I went to university where I studied theatre.
   Then I got a job working as a technician in the film business for 25 years.
   A few years ago, I decided it was time to move on.
   I really decided that a long time ago, I just didn't know what else I wanted to do.
   I taught English overseas for a couple of years, in Asia.
   While I was there, I thought of acupuncture.
   Why did I think of acupuncture?
  I wanted to do something good, something worthwhile.
   Over the years acupuncture had helped me, with back problems and facial paralysis.
   The idea of being able to help people by putting in a few needles is beautifully simple.
   But it requires attention. And thought.
   And I value those things. Also, after 25 years in the film biz, it was time to use my powers for good.

   What do I do for fun?

   Hiking. I like to cook. I love books and writing. I couldn't live without my music, pretty much all kinds, I play the ukulele and the guitar.

   It's a great privilege to help people feel better.

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